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*Rajan is the founder of ITEC
"On 1996, The Bank of England/FSA in London was seeking for the practical solutions for Basel II regulations. I conducted the joint-project that would develop the first trading system in the world to achieve the Cross Asset based Real time risk management and Straight Through Processing. I hired Rajan as the lead developer and formed the specialist team. Rajan reported to David, one of the managements who reported to me. Rajan did an excellent job and successfully implemented the system both London and NY. Not only the Bank of England but also MOF Japan and FED in NY were impressed by the result. Though the half of the system in NY was destroyed by the 9-11 since the Fuji Bank located at World Trade Centre, it recovered automatically in the backup center on the other side of the Hudson river without having any missing data or downtime. This became the BCP standard in the Banking operations."
"Rajan, takes full ownership of whatever he does and delivers a good solution. You point him in the direction and he takes care of the rest. I highly recommend Rajan, he always delivers."
"Rajan managed a Calypso project I worked on in Tokyo (Shinsei Bank) in 2004/2005. he managed a team of 6, maintaining the focus on deliverables and ensuring client satisfaction and successful completion of the project within the budgeted time frame and cost allocation. I would certainly recommend Rajan as a Calypso Project Manager, as his technical and business acumen allow him to understand the project scope at both high and low levels."
"Rajan did a fantastic job at Rabo, the drive and technical knowledge/skills showed by them made the Calypso upgrade to release 10 a success. "
"Rajan is the best Calypso developer I have worked with. He has extensive knowledge of the Calypso product as well as derivatives business. He is very approachable and always willing to coach other developers. Rajan is a great asset to our project."